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5 Important Facts About PIP Coverage

Washington is one of 15 states that requires licensed drivers to have PIP or personal injury protection insurance, rather than relying on the common system of liability insurance. Because PIP is less common, most aren’t sure how it works. Below is a list of five important things to know about personal injury protection insurance.

PIP Pays, No Matter Who’s At Fault

The first question to answer after an accident is who’s responsible and who will pay. Under the liability system, the at-fault driver’s insurer pays for the other person’s losses. If that person suffers property damage or personal injury, his or her own insurer will cover it through property damage and medical payments coverage. By comparison, PIP pays the policyholder’s medical bills, no matter who caused the accident. Victims can find out more about Craig Swapp and Associates by visiting the firm’s website.

It Covers the Named Driver’s Medical Expenses

Personal injury protection covers a policyholder’s damages, such as lost wages, funeral expenses, and medical bills. In states with this system, PIP is normally part of a larger, required package of coverage. Each driver’s PIP covers his or her own injuries, while the at-fault party’s property damage liability insurance pays for the damage done to the other person’s vehicle.

It Keeps Personal Injury Suits to a Minimum

Because PIP covers policyholders no matter who’s at fault, the law limits the extent to which a covered driver can sue an at-fault party for their injuries. If the victim’s damages are less than their policy limit, they cannot sue the other person for mental anguish, pain and suffering, or inconvenience, unless an injury is considered to be permanent.

It Keeps Liability Disputes Out of the Court System

A major drawback of liability insurance is that it requires insurance companies to determine fault before making a payout. In most instances, determining liability is simple, but in a few cases, it becomes complicated. If liability is up for debate, both sides may hire an Injury Attorney, and the dispute can end up in court if they can’t be settled. PIP eliminates many such disputes because they remove fault from the equation. Go online to read Craig Swapp Reviews and get more information.

It May Not Be a Requirement for Long

Washington has used the PIP system for decades, but many of the state’s legislators would like to move to the liability system, mainly because of cost increases. However, higher healthcare costs, repair expenses, and the increased prevalence of distracted driving may keep costs high.

Call a Lawyer Today

The Washington PIP process can be complex, and drivers may not know how to get the compensation they need. Visit the website to read Craig Swapp and Associates testimonials, or call today to schedule a consultation.

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